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What we do

Baystream is a software company. Our solutions help improve processes, save time, increase security, and reduce waste. We work primarily in the content management space. We exploit the benefits stemming from the marriage of Cloud, Web, Mobile with traditional architectures.

Our core values revolve around reliability and service.

Our Approach

We provide complete business automation flows, fulfilling essential roles in the life of modern enterprises. We combine our own state-of-the-art, real-time middleware with market-leading products from our partners.

One partner product deserves a special mention, as most of our solutions use it. This is the M-Files Document Management system from M-Files Inc., which is powerful, simple to use, amazingly flexible, and with a short learning curve. We have been creating M-Files-based solutions for more than ten years and have grown to depend on M-Files' reliability and flexibility.

A Touch of History

Baystream was formed in 2011. While today, our focus is technology, our origins are in management consulting for process improvement. As part of our early consulting work, we often found ourselves also delivering software, and this led to a partnership with a local IT group with whom we eventually merged.

The combination of experienced business management and top-flight software engineering has proven very beneficial and shaped how we do business. Our software and IT specialists are flanked by business people, including Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma practitioners, and ISO 9001/27001 consultants. They have in common a passion for excellence and the commitment to do all that is possible to provide excellent service.

In the last few years, cybersecurity has become an inescapable subject of interest for any service provider, and we have found ourselves devoting a large percentage of our efforts to building layers of security around our cloud services. Doing things such as automatically hardening and patching all servers, monitoring for vulnerabilities, analyzing all device logs, and the list goes on! To aid such operations, we created a family of custom cybersecurity tools and, of course, made full use of M-Files. Eventually, this technology was spun off into a separate division, called Fileglobal Corporation, whose mandate is to develop the security technology further, provide it to Baystream as a service and commercialize it in its own right.

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