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Automatic creation of ERP Distributions during Voucher generation, as a function of Vendor Class, Business Unit, Sender, and Shipping Address.


Deployable on one or multi-servers, enabling virtually limitless scalability and zero downtime.


Designed with enterprise-level security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Thresholds-dependent Approvals, and dual or multiple Approvals are all easily configurable. Encryption of all data at rest and complete traceability of every operation is standard.

Easy to Use and Learn

Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Approvals, and Payment documents are automatically archived in M-Files. In addition, these documents are cross-linked and are retrievable from either the M-Files or the ERP's user interface.

Batch or Real-Time Operation

Every step taken in processing an Invoice or Payment is automatically logged. Every document is kept, including its version history, transaction records are secured and cannot be deleted, and document archival can be certified to be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


Multi-location and multi-company enabled with processing of each stage of the invoice handling being controlled by workflows that can be set for processing in a distributed environment.
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Built with Volume in Mind

Whether interfacing to Microsoft Great Plains, QuickBooks Online, or Acumatica, our Web Services-based Master Data interface, provides a powerful vehicle that has been proven in diverse situations and customers. The software is suitable for small purchasing departments - but capable of scaling to thousands of invoices a day.

Created with high performance, high volume situations in mind, and designed to provide a unified environment for any ERP system that supports a Web Service interface.

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