M-Files Archival and Purge System

Our solution provides a robust system to archive and purge documents according to rules defined by the Compliance Department.
  • Our solution can restore archived documents while purged documents are permanently deleted, including all their versions.
  • Archive and Purge trigger-dates are settable depending on user-definable properties such as Document Class, Document Category, Creation and/or Modification Date - as well as the properties of related documents.
  • Extensive Logging guarantees a perennial record of all operations.
  • Batch or Interactive Operation; when interactivity is enabled, archival and purge operations require final approval by designated user group members.
  • Legal Hold supersedes archive and purge rules, ensuring compliance with internal policies and legal requirements.
  • All functions run in the background, thereby not impacting the system's performance as a whole.
Record Management
M-Files Legal Hold System

M-Files Legal Hold System

Highly flexible system to define named "Holds" and the rules governing which documents are to be included in a Hold; finally, when the conditions are right, delete the Hold, thereby releasing the documents contained in it.
  • Define the user groups to manage a Hold and add documents to that Hold.
  • Define multiple Holds, whereby a document may belong to more than one Hold at any time.
  • Documents placed on Hold are automatically transformed to PDF - with the original archived till the Hold is suspended.
  • Documents on Hold may continue to participate in Workflows, though they can no longer be edited or deleted.
  • Ability to resend, cancel or amend a contract sent for signature.
  • Export all or a portion of documents in a Hold - either to an external drive or another M-Files Vault.

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