Controlled Interactions

Send a pop-up message to a Client from a Workflow or any C# or VBScript Function, initiating a synchronous or asynchronous exchange of information. The pop-up messages can be HTML pages or Forms; they can be single messages or trigger a sequence of interactions between user groups.

Message Chains

Our system has full message chain support that enables users to keep track of the chronological development of a conversation. Message chains can be synchronous or asynchronous to background workflows. Message chains can be synchronous or asynchronous to background workflows. Messages can be sent to M-Files users or the users of other applications such as your ERP or CRM system.
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Trigger Forms and/or M-Files Clients

Messages bodies can contain or download HTML pages on receipt. Messages are automatically rendered on any web browser. Messages can also trigger a Form to display, which automatically connects to the back end M-Files Server. Alternatively, messages can launch the M-Files Client Application. Such flexibility results in a system that delivers virtually unlimited directed interaction to M-Files users.

End-to-end Encryption with Hashing

Messages sent using Baystream's Push Server technology are encrypted on the fly and hashed. As a result, each message body has the same size, ensuring total content security and transmission efficiency.

Wide range of Interaction Types

A variety of interactive forms is provided out of the box, including HTML Forms, FormIO Forms, and Dialog Boxes. Additionally, Java Script or C# together with Blazor or other JavaScript libraries can be used to expand the interaction capability.

Single or Multi-User; Sync or Async Operations

Interactions can be directed to a group of people, as when approval has to be provided by everyone in a group, or an individual. Further, interactions can be created that are synchronous with each other, when one side "waits" for the other to respond, or asynchronous, when messaging is used for loose coordination. The availability of single or multi-user, as well as synchronous or asynchronous handshakes, delivers huge flexibility of configuration.
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