M-Files Forms

  • Deploys extensive Forms capability to any M-Files Vault
  • Forms may be pre-filled from M-Files
  • Works interactively with Push Server
  • Based on award-winning form.io technology!
Forms are an integral part of business processes. Discover how Forms and Quality Management workflows can work together in ISO 27001 Workflows!

Form System now part of M-Files

Create, design, and deploy flexible and powerful Forms from within M-Files. Design Forms starting from HTML or existing PDF Forms, then deploy the Forms anywhere and track Form submissions from within M-Files, either interactively or in batch processes. Let Forms interact with M-Files workflows in fully interactive flows. Preload partial results when Forms are loaded or interactively as Forms are filled.

Workflow Integration

Baystream's Form Management solution is unique in its deep integration with M-Files, providing the ability to save all Form submissions and Form field values into the M-Files database and have Forms participate interactively in Workflows using Baystream's Push Server technology.
Women looking at form
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Flexible Authentication

Flanking the availability of OAuth2 Authentication, which opens a vast array of B2C possibilities, our Form System works with multiple other technologies, including SSO and AD. Forms can also be enabled for anonymous submission. Delivering maximum efficiency, M-Files user licensing is not coupled to the number of Form Users or Form Submission count.

Logging & Version Management

The system includes automatic logging of Form submission, including date and user information. In the case of multiple-submission Forms, all versions are kept automatically. Imagine recording, over time, a patient's temperature and blood pressure. All entries, including the time and identity of the nurse, are automatically kept.

Form Libraries

Build collections of Forms that any M-Files user can access or deploy on-demand, publishing these directly from M-Files to web pages or as email messages. Create sophisticated forms, such as QMS Controlled Forms, such as Change Management or simple Contact Forms. Work online or offline.

Want to see our Forms Extention in Action?

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