View Editor for M-Files

  • Interactive or Scheduled generation of Excel files from M-Files Views
  • Ability to edit exported objects in Excel or create new ones
  • Save exported Excel Files to M-Files
  • Create URL Links in Excel to access M-Files objects
Batch editing of the content of Dynamic Searches is now a reality! As is the scheduled generation of files that contain the result of such dynamic searches!

M-Files Views: Batch Creation Capabilities

Once the exported Excel has been exported, whether interactively via click-right command or Scheduled Process, the Excel file is saved as a document in M-Files. That file can be edited with Excel. Rows can be inserted, with each corresponding to a new M-Files Object.
Rows can also be marked for deletion or alternatively, the individual column cell values can be modified; the latter corresponds to Object metadata modification. Once editing is done, the Excel file can be saved back to M-Files, and the Objects represented by the file contents and updated in M-Files. New rows result in new Objects being created, and rows marked for deletion result in Objects being deleted.

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