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Policy and SOP Management

Manage the creation, implementation, and revision management of Policies and SOP's, including change management minor and major version management.


Manage course lists and materials. Record and track training. Make sure your personnel is kept up to date on all Policies and SOP’s that apply to them.

Asset Management

Build and manage company-specific inventories and lists, including software and hardware inventories, with full version history of every software system, including all Patches.

Manage Electronic Signatures

M-Files seamlessly incorporates three digital signing options: built-in digital signing, external digital signing services based on systems such as DocuSign, and handwritten (or wet) signatures.

System Validation

Use the intuitively simple process delivered by the Validation Vault to check and validate all custom scripts and systems, whether part of the QMS or external to it.

Corrective & Preventive Actions

Efficiently and effortlessly record and handle deviations and corrective and preventive actions (CAPA's), doing this in conformity to your own SOP‘s.

Project Management

Use the prize-winning M-Files DMS, an integral part of M-Files QMS, to handle all aspects of version control, workflows, PDF management, and more.
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