Synchronize all Classes

  • Two-Way synchronization of M-Files Vaults with SQL Server or MySQL
  • ODBC or Web Service connection to external systems
  • Synchronization speed, priority, and cycle are user-settable for each Class
  • Handles Value Lists, Classes and Document Classes
Save and keep synchronized to SQL, selected M-Files Objects, Document Classes, and Value Lists. Use synchronized tables in Reporting, Dashboards., and M-Files interface applications. Connect using OData or Web Services.

M-Files and SQL synchronization

  • Synchronize M-Files objects to SQL Server.
  • The synchronization rate is settable or interactive on-demand and can be different for each Class.
  • Daily or on-demand synchronization of Value Lists.
  • Synchronization mode can be different for each Class: SQL to M-Files, M-Files to SQL, or bi-directional.
  • Any changes to M-Files object property values are immediately uploaded to SQL - for M-Files to SQL Mode.
  • Before synchronization starts, a preload of data, either from SQL or from M-Files can be enabled
  • Property or Class names can be changed in the Vault without breaking the synchronization.
  • Works also for Multi-Value values.
  • Files attached to Document Classes can also be synchronized.
Reduce contract development time by enhancing coordination, avoiding duplicates, managing versions, and maintaining a library of contract templates and contract drafts.
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