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Baystream Deepens its Relationship to M-Files

Baystream Deepens its Relationship to M-Files

August 9, 2017

Baystream has been a “Gold” M-Files Partner for more than ten years. Over that time, Baystream has been engaged in several technical and support activities with other M-Files Partners, including Partner and Customer Training. In addition, Baystream, as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, has also developed proprietary solutions to enhance Accounts Payable, CRM, and Process Management flows, some of which have been sold by select M-Files Partners.

Baystream’s Dynamics-based AP Platform is used in high volume Customer applications in the USA and Europe. All of these activities are in line with Baystream’s commitment to M-Files and its strategy to develop Platforms and Solutions that leverage the power and sheer elegance of the M-Files Product. In recognition of Baystream’s contributions, M-Files has signed a reseller agreement with Baystream and named Baystream an Authorized Service Provider.

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