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Baystream spins off Cybersecurity Products

Baystream spins off Cybersecurity Products

December 15, 2020

Baystream Corporation has taken a significant step towards enhancing its services in the information security space by establishing a new division called Fileglobal. The newly formed corporation is dedicated to further developing and commercializing Baystream's robust cybersecurity products. In response to the changing demands of the market, Baystream has invested considerable resources into creating a secure information security platform that encompasses various elements such as an industry-standard SIEM, automatic hardware hardening, vulnerability monitoring, file monitoring, disaster recovery, and SLA monitoring.

The platform was designed to monitor both availability and performance degradation, as well as detect any abnormal user flows. Baystream saw the potential for this product to serve a larger market, and thus, decided to form a separate company that can solely focus on cybersecurity, cryptography, and secure messaging. This move allows Baystream to maintain its focus on its core competency, process improvement using M-Files, while ensuring that the cybersecurity product is given the attention and resources it deserves. With the creation of Fileglobal, Baystream is well-positioned to address the growing needs of organizations for secure and robust information security solutions.

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